This is a binding agreement between buyer and seller.

Buyer (X) is purchasing (X) from Karisa Palmer, Peace Puppies. The puppy was sired by (X) and the Damn is (X) The puppy was whelped on (X)

The buyer has agreed to purchase (X) in the amount of ($)this date (X).

Once the deposit/purchase is placed it is NON refundable. Puppies must be paid before leaving us.Puppies are required to be paid in full by 8 weeks old unless discussed otherwise.

The buyer is aware upon purchase  that weight is NOT guaranteed . And weight can NOT be held accountable to the breeder once the puppy is out of the breeders home. 

Coat color and features are not guaranteed as well  , puppies can change as they grow. 

We feed our puppies Royal canin Xs puppy food , this is our recommended brand of food to continue with as the puppy grows. If you decide to change brands please transition your puppy into the new food slowly so there are no GI upsets. Changing the food too quickly can cause vomiting and diarrhea.


The puppy will have appropriate vaccinations , if stated appropriate by the vet.  If the vet states it is not appropriate to vaccinate the puppy due to its size and its in the puppies best interest to wait there will be an additional waver the buyer must sign stating  that he/she was  made aware of aware if this. 

The breeder will pre pay for the vaccination at the buyers vet that was not able to be administered. 

the AKC papers will be mailed or given at time of pickup depending on if they are done processing. If they are mailed they will be mailed priority USPS with Tracking.

if at any point in time the buyer has any issue with the puppy the breeder must be contacted ASAP. 

Buyer agrees there will be no complaints  bashing  or negativity posted on ANY social media platform regarding the breeder or the puppy purchased.  

There is an active one year life threatening genetic health guarantee in place upon purchase of the puppy. (Genetic issues specific to the breed)

All payments including the deposit are non refundable. If there is an active genetic life threatening health issue in writing stated by the vet within the first year of the puppies life a replacement puppy of equal value will be sent.

The puppy must have a vet exam within 48-72 hours upon bringing them home. 

The puppies are dewormed at 4+6+8+10 weeks with pyrantel

parasites are not classified as a health issue it is common in puppies and can happen at any point. 

Upon signing this contract the buyer is not allowed to file any Legal allegations.

We do not refund or return for buyers remorse or mistakes from the buyer.  A puppy is a lifetime commitment and we want to ensure all of our puppies will be placed in their forever homes. 

Upon signing this contract you agree to the above , and if at any point the buyer breeches the contract legal action may be taken. 

Signed in good faith